The Evolution of the Stag Party

Once upon a time, a grooms stag night was held the night before the wedding day and allowed him to have a few drinks to celebrate his last night of ‘freedom’ with his friends before getting married.
Nowadays, this tradition has escalated for many into a full blown foreign holiday with destinations ranging from eastern European capital cities, to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Although stag parties have taken on a bigger emphasis and a wilder theme, choosing a good few weeks to inflict the stag to a night of getting insensibly drunk before the big day, actually makes more sense than the night before. The groom is now much more likely to get through the ceremony without having to be held up by his best man and avoid the wrath of his new wife and her family.

We no longer recognise the stag night, which has instead been replaced by the stag weekend or stag holiday. From Amsterdam to Aberdeen, Benidorm to Birmingham, it is rare to go out in a major city across Europe at a weekend without witnessing another stag weekend in progress.

The stag weekend can change the dynamics of a friendship group too. Those that are your close friends will make every effort to make the weekend, whilst those that are less bothered about your friendship have an excuse not to go; although obviously there are exceptions to every rule depending on whether people can genuinely afford to go.

A stag weekend often brings different groups of people together who may have never met, but have all turned out for the groom. Old friends, family, school friends, university friends, work colleagues all come together as one and is a great way to meet new people. Many a story will be recited when you all meet up again on the wedding day itself.

Stag parties do still involve plenty of alcohol fuelled antics, but if you are heading off somewhere abroad or at home, a number of events are likely to be lined up. This can range from attending sporting occasions to go-karting to paint balling. Anything to break up the many hours you will spend in various pubs and nightclubs’ making sure everyone knows you are on a stag party but are definitely not the stag. He will probably be dressed in some humiliating costume at one stage or another over the length of the stag holiday too, just to emphasise who it is getting married.

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Best Wedding Vehicles

Wedding transport has become a fundamental part of any big day, with a variety of vehicles available to bring the bride to the ceremony, guests to the reception or take the happy couple off to start their honeymoon.
Here are some of the most popular vehicles that are available to hire for your wedding day; depending of course on your budget.

The Roll-Royce Phantom is one of the most popular wedding cars that should tick the box for both bride and groom. It has stately elegance and a legacy of being a fashionable vehicle for the bride to arrive in, but combines a masculine opulence which the groom will enjoy.

The classic Aston Martin could well be the vehicle of choice for the groom and his best man to arrive in and is guaranteed to add a ‘wow’ factor to proceedings. Made famous made James Bond, if the bride swoons for 007, she could be putty in your hands. Who says it is only the bride that has to arrive in style?

The 1940’s Austin Princess is a spectacular wedding car and nothing like its relatives the Allegro and Maestro. It is a classic auto-mobile that has a plenty of room inside to accommodate a bride with a large train, the excited bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride. Our best wishes go to the brave driver.

The Beauford 1930’s Open Tourer is the perfect vehicle on a sunny day and will allow a bride with a large dress to easily fit, without having to crease the dress. It is also a favourite of fans of the bygone movies as this was often the wedding car of choice for Hollywood stars such as Clark Gable.

Boasting a masculine presence, the Bentley Arnage is ideal for the couple wanting something a little prestigious. It is an incredibly attractive car on the outside, but also features super-soft carpets, walnut veneers and a magnolia interior. This car is one for the men, but has feminine touches that will please the bride too.

For lovers of speed who want to get away on their honeymoon as quickly as possible, the exhilarating Maserati Quattroporte could be a great choice. Reaching speeds of 171mph, this car has been described by motoring experts as ‘one of the coolest cars ever made.’

For grooms wanting to score brownie points, suggesting a romantic horse and carriage could be the way to go. It is a stylish way to arrive for the bride and a elegant way for the happy couple to leave the ceremony. Just hope the horse doesn’t get spooked.

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A Wedding Day to remember

A wedding day is a special occasion for the bride, groom, friends and family, marking the commitment of two people to each other. Months or years of planning can go into making sure that it truly is a day to remember and trying to add features or highlights to the day to make it that bit more special has become a challenge for many wedding parties.

Coming up with something personal and unique is the new vogue for the wedding day. Whether that includes arriving in extravagant vehicles, having a special menu for guests to enjoy or marrying in an unusual place; we want our day to stand out from the rest.Here are a few ideas that could help to make your wedding day a distinctive one.

If your guests have a short walk or drive to the venue where the reception will take place, hand out helium balloons that match your wedding day’s colour scheme. This allows guests to be involved and makes for great photo opportunities as people walk from the ceremony in a sea of balloons, or drive through a town with them flying off their cars.

Your guests are likely to be close friends and family and will be a special part of the big day, so treating them to little gifts is always a nice touch. Instead of the traditional favours that are given out, why not have floral arrangements made up on the guest table’s using mini vases, which they can take away with them. This not only acts as a great gift, but also gives them a special memento to remember the day.

Wedding photos are always popular and disposable cameras on tables to allow people to take their own snaps is a great way to get natural images of people having a wonderful day. What about hiring a photo booth where people can cram in together to get some special photo booth shots? This is great fun and allows guests to pick up pictures instantly and again, gives them a memento of the day.

To make your day very individual, why not consider using a ‘dry hire venue’, where you literally just rent the four walls of the room for the day. You can then fill it with as much stuff that is personal to you as you want, which will reflect on you and your partners tastes all the more. It is also a good way to keep a check on spending as you are more in control of your budget.

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Wedding Costs of the Rich and Famous

For the majority of us, a wedding day is a time to celebrate with close family and friends as two people commit their love to each other. However, over recent years there have been some unbelievably extravagant weddings that have drawn the attention of the world’s media.

For example, serial bride Elizabeth Taylor and her then latest husband Larry Fortensky spent nearly $4 million dollars on their wedding in 1991 when they tied the knot at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in California. A host of celebrities attended to watch Taylor marry in a pale yellow dress designed by Valentino, which cost the princely sum of $30,000.

Former US President Bill Clinton saw his daughter Chelsea marry Marc Mezvinsky in a ceremony in 2010 that cost $4.8 million. This included paying $11,000 just for the wedding cake.

Footballer Wayne Rooney married his childhood sweetheart Coleen Mcloughlin in 2008. The couple enjoyed a masked ball in Genoa on a yacht worth $120 million before throwing a reception in a 17th century villa. The total cost of the day came in at $7.7 million.

There have been some recent expensive Royal weddings in the UK, where Prince William and Kate Middleton married each other in 2011 at a cost of $33 million, having spent $800,000 on flowers and $80,000 on the cake. This cost however, was nowhere near the total spending of when Prince William’s parents married in 1981. The ceremony took place at St Paul’s Cathedral with the day costing an incredible $115 million. Of this sum, $600,000 was spent on security, $100,000 on the pre wedding celebration, $60,000 on a diamond and sapphire engagement ring and $40,000 on a five foot high cake.

This cost would be surpassed by a double wedding that was held in Sahara, Lucknow. Seemanto Roy wed Chandi Toor, whilst Sushanto Roy married Richa Roy in 2004. The double marriage had 11,000 guests attend with 110 different types of dishes served at the reception. There was also entertainment from the British Symphony Orchestra with the wedding day totalling a mind blowing $123 million.

All of these special days have still to live up to the wedding of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum back in 1979. The pair married in Dubai at a cost of $137 million, after having a custom built hall constructed for 20,000 invited guests. Sheik Mohammed also declared a five day holiday to celebrate.

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Strangest Wedding Traditions from Around the World

The act of marriage is something that is common in almost every society across the world; even though the ceremony and traditions can be distinctively different. Some of the customs that take place seem strange if they are not part of your culture, but they all help to make the wedding experience a weird and wonderful one.

For example, in China, for the Tuija people there are a lot of tears involved, which might not be uncommon for a wedding, but these start one whole month before the ceremony. The new bride will cry for 1 hour everyday leading up to the big occasion. She is joined by her mother after 10 days, then by her grandmother after another 10 days. By the time the big day arrives, every female in the family will be weeping together as one in an expression of joy. I can imagine this will not be as joyful to hear.

In India, the groom might face an early death unless his new bride first marries a tree. Yes you read that right. Women born as Mangliks are thought to be cursed and could cause their new husband to die an early death. To rid them of this curse, the women must marry a tree, which is then destroyed in order to break the curse and allow the bride and groom to live a long and fulfilling life together.

When the wedding is over in Korea, the groom’s friends will remove his shoes and socks, tie rope around his ankles and start beating his feet with fish. This will apparently, prepare him for his first night as a married man.

At the wedding reception of newlyweds in Sweden, it pays not to go to the toilet if you are the bride or groom. If the groom needs to go to the toilet at any point, then invited members of the opposite sex have free reign to kiss his new bride until he returns. If the bride needs to go to the toilet, then the groom will receive the same female attention.The Swedish have always been an uninhibited lot.

It is the relatives of the bride and groom that suffer at a wedding on the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. Following the reception, the relatives are required to lie in the dirt, face down beside each other, while the happy couple walk across them.

There are some very strange and different traditions, but ones that are important in those particular cultures. I’m sure some of the things that go on at our weddings will be looked on with suspicion in some areas of the world! No matter what strange or wonderful traditions you have, with wedding car hire from Absolute Wedding Cars, your day will always be that bit more special.