The act of marriage is something that is common in almost every society across the world; even though the ceremony and traditions can be distinctively different. Some of the customs that take place seem strange if they are not part of your culture, but they all help to make the wedding experience a weird and wonderful one.

For example, in China, for the Tuija people there are a lot of tears involved, which might not be uncommon for a wedding, but these start one whole month before the ceremony. The new bride will cry for 1 hour everyday leading up to the big occasion. She is joined by her mother after 10 days, then by her grandmother after another 10 days. By the time the big day arrives, every female in the family will be weeping together as one in an expression of joy. I can imagine this will not be as joyful to hear.

In India, the groom might face an early death unless his new bride first marries a tree. Yes you read that right. Women born as Mangliks are thought to be cursed and could cause their new husband to die an early death. To rid them of this curse, the women must marry a tree, which is then destroyed in order to break the curse and allow the bride and groom to live a long and fulfilling life together.

When the wedding is over in Korea, the groom’s friends will remove his shoes and socks, tie rope around his ankles and start beating his feet with fish. This will apparently, prepare him for his first night as a married man.

At the wedding reception of newlyweds in Sweden, it pays not to go to the toilet if you are the bride or groom. If the groom needs to go to the toilet at any point, then invited members of the opposite sex have free reign to kiss his new bride until he returns. If the bride needs to go to the toilet, then the groom will receive the same female attention.The Swedish have always been an uninhibited lot.

It is the relatives of the bride and groom that suffer at a wedding on the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. Following the reception, the relatives are required to lie in the dirt, face down beside each other, while the happy couple walk across them.

There are some very strange and different traditions, but ones that are important in those particular cultures. I’m sure some of the things that go on at our weddings will be looked on with suspicion in some areas of the world! No matter what strange or wonderful traditions you have, with wedding car hire from Absolute Wedding Cars, your day will always be that bit more special.